Sunday, April 1, 2012


By Arthur H. Gunther III
Probably in America, there are thousands of undiscovered “Easter eggs” -- real hardboiled and also plastic with coins inside -- the leftovers of so many mother- or grandmother-inspired events over the decades. The excitement of children following clues and locating seemingly insignificant treasures is worth the price of today’s gold. If only they could hunt Easter eggs for  a longer time and innocence be prolonged.
Some of us are better at laying the clues for such adventure, using numbers that must be followed in succession, or as one person  did it, taking a car ride to the park as the second clue. Others, perhaps used to doing the child’s work for the child, almost lead by the hand. Or maybe it's impatience. But whatever the method and intent, it is the reaction of the young that is almost glorious. Here they are with hard-boiled eggs that they may not even want to eat but which they colored in such great fun. And here they are with plastic eggs filled with just a few dimes. The toys and games they may routinely get, the electronics they have -- all cost so much more but may not bring as much immediate excitement.

Of course, a trip to Grandma’s does not hurt either, for that is always Imaginary Land, especially with a wonderfully indulgent lady of the house.
Today’s world, as ever, is sometimes a scary place for grownups, and there is enough stress and worry to make you gray before your time. But if, once in your life at least, you can run to a backyard and find a few Easter eggs behind trees, under rocks and in flower pots, you will gather part of the warming quilt that can get you through it all.

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