Monday, April 29, 2013


By Arthur H. Gunther III

We can forgive one another for being jaded about the once simplicity of rain, especially that gentle sprinkling that encourages spring flowers to emerge, reaffirming once again that all is not wrong with this crazy world. Super-storm Sandy really whacked us, and like a suitor once tricked by a lover, the trust never fully returns.

But, as in storybook romance, the hope is not far around the next corner, and reliability can again become a reasonable constant. And so it is with the light spring rain, which began this morning (Monday, April 29, 2013) at latitude 41.06 and longitude -73.961 in Blauvelt, N.Y. 

The drizzling was dazzling, though once this sort of wet would be so routine in these parts as to bring not even a ho-hum, except from a gardener itching to grow. Drizzle that dazzles simply because there was (1) no thunder or lighting; (2) no flash flooding; (3) no water in basements; (4) no electrical outages; (5) no closed streets; (6) and no expensive reconstruction bills with super-inflated prices. No, just a very light rain that could have been used for the morning wash of the face after a short walk around the neighborhood, so easy in its fall was this near-May event. Showers are supposed to come in spring, to sustain only our May flowers but to remind us again that there are seasons, and reasons for such.

Not all was perfect, though, for this is not such a universe. Today’s road surfacing is so finely set, and the asphalt is polished by oil accumulating from many vehicles. When light rain hits the surface, motorists spin their wheels in start-up and skid at corners. Perhaps that is nature’s reminder that even its gift of a spring sprinkling, though not refused and so very welcome, has strings attached by humankind.

The writer is a retired newspaperman.

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